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25 and 2

I don’t know if this is coming with age, the fact that I am two months in being 25; that my priorities and goals have changed, when and where I can say that while I still have some of my attention to material things and wants; my focus have shifted to being able to provide myself and my family stability. To the “un”material, in the light of being unsuperficial— it is terribly easy to satiate with the temporary, but it will never fill the need for the substantial.

I am a work in progress. And I have never really placed my mind on to it in the past, but a lot of things— very inspiring things have left me wondering, what do I really want out of myself? I want to be independent. I want to be able to do things on my own, because I can, and because I am confident I can do it well. I want to do something that does not only feed my financial needs, but feeds my soul too. I want to do something that is not close-ended, something that inspires. I want to be able to look back and say that I refused to stay in a job I didn’t like. Life is only so many years.

I reached a point where I am no longer dreaming. Where I settled because I am in need— because it is what is comfortable now. I have stuck myself in a routine, in an unhappy place. But I know that there is so much more out there— so much more for me; and I will never experience it if I refuse to take the leap out of the comfortable. A huge part of me have stopped trying… And I owe myself that.

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Bucket List

- Learn how to drive.
- Go back to school.
- Celebrate my 26th birthday VIP at a Las Vegas club.
- Find a new job.
- Keep fit and healthy.
- Keep a gratitude journal.
- Read one book each month, for a year.
- Visit Manila in two years.
- Create a lifestyle website, and maintain it.
- Learn how to cook.
- Learn how to play the drums.
- Visit Paris.
- Visit Greece.
- Visit Japan.
- Learn Spanish.
- Learn how to swim.
- Learn how to ride a bike.
- Dye my hair honey golden.
- Save up for a Balenciaga purse.
- Create a minimal signature everyday look I can do in under 15 minutes.
- Make new friends, keep in touch with old ones.
- Read the news.
- Find the good in everybody, in everything.
- Stop complaining.
- Have my own house.
- Try.

365 Days of Gratitude: Day 2

As promised, one of my goals turning 25 is to Appreciate— and I have seen, a long time ago, on how thinking of at least three positive things that happened in your day can change your outlook in life, no matter how many troubles you’ve been.

I won’t set a number for mine however. Just free writing positively, and taking in as much happiness as I can. :)

— I am thankful for the good night sleep that I had.
— Waking up to my favorite breakfast from McDonalds and then homemade Adobo Flakes! My Dad is the best!
— There was a shortage of people at work but I am glad that the traffic was under control. I was able to handle it even when I am on my own.
— My workmate got me a goodie bag from the Generation Beauty event! I love everything in it, super right on to what I love about make up.

Things I learned today:

— Being in the moment is important. I always have a lot to think about and I find myself failing to focus on now. It is always good to think ahead, but “now” is important, “now” is passing, “now” is what you need to go through— and it needs your full attention.


I feel so blessed, and I am extremely happy for how this day turned about. It wasn’t expected, but everything fell into their right places, how it was supposed to have gone by, all the flaws and perfections were tailored to leave me an abundance of life lessons and happiness.

I have always have felt this certain ownership for all June 1st as it is my birthday.

And each time, I have a very detailed plan of how I wanted to spend the day… Until today. I did not have any plans but I expected it to be perfect, I expected family to celebrate with me, I expected friends to come on whatever time I please. I was wrong. But gladly, I was— because the things that happened taught me a lot. My parents needed to go to work, my friends wanted to go out but I was torn with wanting to celebrate with my Mom and Dad first. I cried in the morning, sulking in a corner and feeling unloved; and my Dad decided to not go to work at all. It made me cry more— out of happiness, and out of realization that I could have handled the situation better by being understanding. I am very grateful for my Parents, they are truly the best, and I am very blessed to have them in my life. That moment my dad sat beside me, in my bed, made me realize that family comes first. The unconditional love they shower you is— unconditional. We went on our day and decided to have my birthday lunch at Cheesecake Factory then watch Maleficent. I loved everything about Maleficent, easily it has become my favorite movie. A happy ending doesn’t have to only come from the perfect start, nor a perfect person; we all have our flaws, but we can all be as happy as much as we allow ourselves to be; and share the same happiness to to others as much as we allow ourselves to give. :-) After the movie, we went to shop and unexpectedly, I saw my friend in H&M. We decided to stay for some drinks and even if I wasn’t able to celebrate with all of my friends; their greetings have warmed my heart. There’s a lot of ups and downs in this one day and what made it so special is that I learned a lot; and that is Life’s birthday gift to me. I’m ready to start afresh: — Start a gratitude journal. — Choose to see the positive side of every situation. — Give my best at work. — Appreciate. — I will not allow myself to wallow in hatred, insecurity and anger. — Walk away from what makes me less than what God have planned for me. I’m on the last minutes of my most favorite day, happily savoring each second. Thank You, to my Father above— you have given me the best gift yet. :-)